Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall 2010 New Work

It's been a while.  It has been really busy at work and so I don't have as much time to take photos. I've been focusing on bottles.  Especially ones with long neck.  I get a kick out of collaring a straight long neck.  Still exploring with Soda and Slip. I have also been glazing the outside of some of my pieces instead of leaving it raw.  Let me know what you think.

The bottle above was glazed with Luster Shino on the outside and the inside. Showing two views from different sides of the bottle.

This bottle was also glazed with Luster Shino and I also poured a modified Thompson Flashing Slip on the outside on the bisque fired piece.

This is a tea bowl (a deviation from the bottle form).  I was making this as test tiles.  The glaze combination here is Cohen Red over Rutile Blue with Yellow Salt rubbed on.

An Asian inspired bowl that is raw clay on the outside and Daly's Titanium Red on the inside.  The Titanium Red is very runny and should only be used on the inside.  I guess you can use it on the outside too but you'll have to make sure that it is very far up the piece; otherwise, your piece is going to fuse to the kiln shelf.

Another tea bowl "test tile" that I glazed with Luster Shino.  The Shina flashed through the piece in some parts and created a really cool, glass-like effect on the outside of the piece (see the right of the tea bowl).

Another attempt at my "Bloody Rooster" -- I am liking the form more and more.  The Celadon formula seems to have changed a little and is not as green or crackely as it used to be.  Gotta give it another try soon.

Finally, the cane-handled vase that I was experimenting with earlier.  Trying different handle shape/style and also wrapping handle with a smaller sized reed than the cane.  Also, this piece had four altenating band of Cohen Red and Rutile Blue and I sprinkled some ash on it to make sure that the glaze ran and produced this mottled effect.  The band of brown at the lower portion of the pot is the ash and has a really cool texture.

That's it for now!  Enjoy.  I will take more photos of new work as I have time.

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