Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Mugs and Stuff

Yeah, I am getting lazy and so I didn't get my portable studio out of the drawer; instead, choosing to take the pictures on the deck.  These are the last of the mugs (one more, actually, but I am keeping that one for myself).  And if I am not too lazy, I may post a picture of it.

Ducks in a row?
I've also been making a series (three) of tripod containers with lids -- each one getting bigger than the last -- the two shown here are the biggest one and the medium sized one.  The smallest one is still in the kiln.  Planning to make more in the future but sort of running out of ideas on how to glaze them.  I really like the inside -- they are Temoku over Shaner White -- so it's this light chocolate brown color. 

This one, I brushed Thompson Flashing Slip on the outside when it was still leather hard and then I used black stain to draw the rectangles on bisque and glazed the inside of the rectangles with Coleman Apple Green (doesn't look green at all).  Below is another view.

Thompson Flashing Slip is suppose to crackle -- this piece above shows some crackling.  This piece below is the medium sized one out of the three pieces and it's got a halo around it.  Does it look like a drunken UFO? 

The ring was glazed in Cohen Red (reduction turned it blue) and the body and the lid was Yellow Salt over Temoku.

There's one more piece -- the smallest sized one -- that is still in the kiln.  Should come out today, I will pick it up tomorrow.

UPDATE: The smallest one failed. I used two different clay body for the bottom than the lid and body. Well, because of the different expansion/contraction rate, the bottom cracked the piece and then the bottom fell out. I'll take pictures later.

This last one is an urn and this is actually the third piece I made.  The first one did come out well, the second one I dropped while transferring it to the shelf to dry.  However, I must say that this piece was the best looking of the three and the lip did not go all "wonky" like the first two.  Which goes to proof that you have to keep practicing to fine-tune your throwing!!!!  I slip the outside with Cone 10 Pink slip at leather hard.  The glaze on the outside is Luster Shino.  I soaked some glaze into a sponge and squeeze the sponge over the piece so it doesn't cover the whole piece.

Well, I hope you like what you see.  Again, feedback and comments are appreciated.  Everything is for sale -- make an offer!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mug shot

I am making a series of mugs.  I've made seven so far and they are at various stages of completion.  They have a bulbous shape to it.  Small opening at the neck and the body is wider.  People at the studio that has seen them called them the "duck mug".  I think it is an appropriate name. 

The reason the neck opening is smaller is because I think that since the area (surface area of the liquid)expose to air is smaller, that the liquid in the mug would stay hotter for longer.  Just a theory but it seems to make sense to me.  Don't know if the same applies to cold liquid.  I have yet to test it out.

I am also experimenting with various slips and surface decorating techniques and can't wait to see the result.  Here's the first two!  Five more to come!!!!

This is the first soda bowl -- it warped a little in firing but the glaze and flame flashing is quite amazing.  I fired this at an angle so you can see the glaze actually pooling on the lower left.  The picture of the foot ring actually showed how the foot ring retarded the movement of the flame and so one side of the foot ring is actaully the actual color of the clay -- white.  I also applied slip to the outside -- orange and mustard slip -- and then combed through the slip to give the outside texture and interest.

And -- one more bottle.  This one has been carved with slip inlay.

Hope you like this batch -- I have three more vessels and five more mugs to glaze.  Will post pictures when they are done.  As usual, comments, advise, criticism, etc. are always welcomed.