Friday, December 11, 2009

Finishing up the work in progress

This is a conjoined bowl -- I tried to make 2 identical bowls that I "glued" together and the put a cute little handle on it. The piece was glazed in Shaner White and Josh Green -- see how the green becomes reddish/purplish when it interacts with the white? I also put some coal ash inside the piece so that it would run a little more. I really like this piece but it is a gift and, so, no longer available.

This is the same form that I made at the beginning of the session. A cylinder with handles and slip. The piece is then fired and then I painted the piece with a more asian insipired motive using wax and the glaze the piece in Antique White and Waxy White in bands around the outside. The inside is Tenmoku.

This is another Salt Pig (see earlier post). This is probably the thinnest one I have thrown and I am really happy with it. I glazed the outside with Shaner White over Coleman Apple Green. I've used this combination before (see the pedestal plate) but the way this piece turned out is in no way consistent with the other piece. Instead of having that running effect as on the plate, this piece actually has pitted and little nips on the surface. Touching the piece is really addictive, you can't stop touching it once you've start!

Another Salt Pig -- I am really enjoying making these. They are fun and I get to practice a few different form. I first start out with a cylinder and then collar it into a form of a bottle and then finally closing in the form completely. This piece is a little thick and I really have to work on thinning out the wall and maximizing the clay more. This piece was glazed in Shaner White with Celadon brushed on with a Chinese Calligraphy brush. I also put some coal ash on the piece but it doesn't seem to have any effect. Maybe the coal ash needs to be on thicker.

This is the plate echo to the "lotus" cup that I made (see earlier post). Same color and same glazing technique. I think I am going to try White over Blue next time instead of Blue over White.

This is the biggest bowl I've made to date and -- can you believe it -- I only used 2 lbs of clay. The bowl, unfortunately, got a little wonky in the glazing process but I still like it very much. The glaze on the outside is Shaner White with Celadon over it. The Celadon coloration is much more subtle with the white under it. I also slip trailed the edge and it is coming up a little blueish. The inside is just Lustre Shino and I really like how the glaze crackle.