Monday, February 8, 2010

First Batch of Winter 2010

All pieces are made from Stoneware with Red Iron Oxide. Click on the image if you want to see a bigger image.

This is a slightly altered piece -- squished in the sides and dimpled it. Glazed in Shaner White with Lavendar around the rim on a bias.

5" covered jar that was soda fired. The soda deposited quite nicely on the lid but not so much on the body. The body was not glazed on the outside but the flashing from the fire in the soda kiln provided the nice brown/orangy coloring. Some places are more shiny and others are more matt on the body. The inside was glazed in Rutile Blue.

3.25" Tea Bowl. I have to double check the glaze combination but I think it is Shaner White with Lavendar around the rim. Again, I sprinkled some charcoal ash to create the runny effect. I checked -- it was Shaner White and Lavendar on the inside and the outside around the rim. Notice how the ash makes it look different than the first piece above even though the combination is similar.

4" Covered Jar. Applied Golden Ambrosia slip on the outside and then scored through the slip to the clay in the greenware stage. After bisque firing, the inside is glazed in Temoku and outside rim glazed in Gustin Shino. Some of the Temoku "spilled" on the outside to create the drip effect.

3 inch Bud Vase glazed in Temoku with Yellow Salt Rim. Inside is done in Shaner White.

This is my favorite piece from the batch. It is a 3.75" tea bowl and is glazed with Cohen Red on the inside and around the rim on the outside. The bottom half of the piece is Yellow Salt on the outside and then I sprinkled some charcoal ash on the outside. Really like this piece.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Sorry I have been absent. I took the holiday off from pottery to visit my family in Singapore. I did make one piece -- handbuilt, if you can believe that. Had it glazed and ready for firing but it kamikaze dived off the cart while the cart was making its journey to the kiln. I salvaged the broken pieces and made it an "artistic" piece. Hope to get it back this week and see how it looks. I am back at LillStreet and signed up again for the Beginner Wheel class with Catherine Tweedie. This time around, I am focusing on making bowls and bottles. All different shapes and sizes. I will probably be making a few plates (special requests) as well and have come up with new ways to glaze my pieces. Looking forward to showing you the results. The first batch should be coming out pretty soon. Hopefully, I'll be able to post pictures next week. Have a great one!