Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New York City

Went to NYC for Labor Day weekend -- mostly to visit friends and family. Not a big fan of NYC because it seems crowded all the time. This being Labor Day weekend, the crowd condition just seems exacebated -- good thing I stayed out of Mid-town. Lower Manhattan/Chinatown was not any better but it was a little more manageable. The other reason why I don't like NYC is the exorbitant hotel prices -- again made worse by this being Labor Day weekend. I stayed at the Chelsea Inn -- it was in a pretty nice neighborhood and pretty convenient to everything but the place was run down, old and dingy. My "room" was only six feet wide and about 18 feet long with a double bed and a TV. The worse part -- I had to share a bathroom that is in the hallway. Yuck! Maybe I will stay in Brooklyn the next time I go to NYC or maybe not go to NYC anymore. Yes, I am spoiled!